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About the company

AngelCo is a young fashion brand developed and designed by Angel and RocoReal, a father daughter design collaboration. The collection features fancy active, street and loungewear for women , ranging from leggings, crop tops, shorts, pants, to unisex sweatshirts.

The collection is an artistic experiment in itself, where conceptional ideas become digitally visualized and morph into tangible fashion pieces. Themes and collections express those ideas in their titles: “Birth of a Rose”, “Genesis”, “Courage”, “Purple Rain”, “Ice Blossoms”, and many others.

The designs express a sentiment of self confidence, freedom, empowerment, strength and beauty.

The color combinations are courageous, surprising and ever changing, and the geometry of the design is aimed to embrace the body.

But it is not just colors and design that make the collection outstanding. Products are sourced by high quality standards, providing supreme wearing comfort and durability.

AngelCo is starting out and here to stay.

Fashion is our passion.

We love to design.

Established 2021


About the artist : Roco - real as life

“When you’re engaged in doing what you love, you transcend ego, time, and space. There is just this eternal moment - nothing else. 

RocoReal is an Austrian designer and photographer, working in the international art and fashion industry world for the past 25 years.

His inspiration comes from the beauty that nature paints on each of our individual streams.

The artist tries to capture the beauty unaltered, real as it is, translating those images into fashion and designs.

He uses analog and digital techniques to transform  his art into variable, beautiful, high fashion pieces.

The artist has been running his green printing shop for 15 years and created 10’s of thousands offhand-printed experimental screen prints on garments.

By mixing his own color and mastering the art of screen printing, RocoReal gained valuable understanding of colors and the printing process.

In his cooperation with AngelCo, RocoReal goes back to his fashion roots and together with his daughter Agelina, he brings the beauty he sees to you, in unique, creative, fashionable, avant garde pieces. 

Roco real as life - stay real!




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