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About Us

About the company

Welcome to AngelCo, where fashion meets passion and design intertwines with comfort! Established in 2021, AngelCo is the brainchild of Angel and RocoReal, a dynamic design collaboration on a mission to redefine contemporary fashion. Our collection is a fusion of fancy active, street, and loungewear exclusively tailored for women, ranging from leggings, crop tops, shorts, pants to unisex sweatshirts.

Our fashion journey is an artful exploration, a digital canvas where conceptual ideas transform into tangible masterpieces. Each collection, from "White Ocean" to "Pink Zebra," "Genesis," "Nightsky," and "Longing," is a manifestation of creativity and inspiration.

AngelCo designs are more than just clothing; they embody a sentiment of self-confidence, freedom, empowerment, strength, and beauty. Our color palettes are daring and ever-changing, complemented by geometric designs meticulously crafted to embrace the body.

Beyond aesthetics, we prioritize quality. Our products adhere to the highest standards, ensuring supreme comfort and durability. As a testament to our commitment, AngelCo proudly presents a retail store nestled in the picturesque artistic village of Mougins, South of France.

Embark on a shopping experience like no other, where passion, design, and comfort converge. Enjoy your journey with AngelCo! ☆



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